What's with all the stickers?

The other day while waiting in line at a drive-thru, I noticed something quite typical of most drive-thrus, bus stops, road signs, and intersections. The board next to my car, which may have once been used for a condensed menu, was completely obliterated by layers upon layers of stickers. The drive through was moving unbearably slow, so I just sat there and stared. As I read sticker after sticker I wondered to myself, where the hell did this phenomenon come from?

Though I don't condone the acts, I get tagging. I get writing your name or leaving your hand prints in wet cement. I get carving your name in a desk or tree. I get a lot of things that are all about the "I was here" mentality. I don't, however, get the point of this whole sticker thing.

I mean, I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure this phenomenon isn't headed up by big corporations trying to spread their branding around. It's gotta be just one douche bag who puts up a sticker followed by hundreds of other douche bags thinking, "Hey look! Some guy put a random sticker here. How cool is that? Hey! I have a sticker too. If I put mine up I'll be just as cool as that other guy". Am I wrong?

posted by Christopher Schnese