What I'm Not Thankful For

Sorry, but I just need to rant for a second. When I came home tonight I had to deal with the usual bad apple roommate's annoyance of blasting his music with no regard for the the rest of the roommates in the house. Though it would have been a wonderful night if that's all I had to deal with. Unfortunately, I also came home to a destroyed bathroom. About a month ago, my bad apple roommate decided to lose his keys. You know, just like he lost his cell phone on four different occasions over the last year. For over a month he has made absolutely no effort to replace his keys, but he is completely fine knocking on doors and windows until someone wakes up to let him in when he gets off work at 1am.

Apparently, tonight when he came home there was no one to wake up and let him in. So, he decided to 'break' in through the bathroom window. In the process he pulled down the shower curtain and broke the shower curtain rod in half. This fact was not made apparent to me until he caught me in the kitchen and said, "Um, hey. We need a new shower curtain rod".

Really? 'We' need a new shower curtain rod? No, no, no, no. 'He' needs a new shower curtain rod. I honestly cannot believe this crap. I have know idea what time it was when he broke the shower curtain rod, but the responsible thing to do would have been to immediately head out to the store a buy a new one. Being the bad apple that he is, this fact did not occur to him. So, by the time I had gotten home, all the stores were already closed. This means we can't get a shower curtain rod tonight, which means we can't take showers in the morning, which means someone has to go out and brave the 'black friday' crowds to buy one before we can.

That person sure as hell isn't going to be me. As soon as I finish posting this blog, I'm going to go have a talk with my bad apple roommate and explain the following to him. In the morning I'm going to go wake him up. He's going to hop on his bike, armed with my house key, and bike his ass to Walmart. While he's there, he's going to buy a new shower curtain rod and make two spare keys. Then he's going to ride home, install the shower curtain rod, reattach the curtain, give me back my key, and then give me one of the spare keys to keep safe for the inevitable next time that he loses his key.

posted by Christopher Schnese