(Update) Skunk Wars: A New Hope

[Welcome back to the continuing saga of the smelly roommate] So yesterday I came home from work and the house smelled a little bit better. I wasn't quite sure whether it was actually better or if I was sadly becoming acclimated to it. I continued going about my routine until I was approached by one of my other roommates. "Did you notice it smells a little better today", he said. I confirmed that it did and asked him if he had had a conversation with Skunky. Apparently, not only had he had a brief conversation with him, but that afterwards Skunky actually cleaned up a bunch of things, took the offered bar of soap, and hopped in the shower.

Now both the house and Skunky have a long way to go, but this is definitely a step in the right direction. The question is, did my roommates conversation resonate with him well enough. Is it possible that he can bring balance to the force?

posted by Christopher Schnese