The problem with blind flushing

The toilet, for the end user, is one of the simplest inventions around. Human waste goes in, you flip a lever, and the human waste is removed like magic. Its so simple that it's almost impossible to mess up the process. That is unless you're either of the two roommates I share a bathroom with. It seems like almost once a week I walk into my bathroom and find a little 'surprise' waiting for me. To tell you the truth, it's more dumbfounding then disgusting. I just don't understand how it  happens. Are my roommates all 'blind flushing'? Are they so water conscious that they refuse to flush a second time no matter what? Or are they just lazy?

If any of you out there are 'blind flushers', I have something to tell you. Sometimes when you flush, not everything gets pulled down the magic shoot. If this is the case, you must flush again and/or grab the toilet brush if needed. If you're 'blind flushing' you're not going  to notice if you need to do either of those two things.

So, to all the 'blind flushers' out there, please correct your ways. For all of us that have to share a bathroom with you.

posted by Christopher Schnese