The pains of post-college life

Let's face it, school (no matter what grade level) is always sort of a drag. As I slugged my way through my last semester, I had slaved way too long and way too hard to not be dying to see my career as a student coming to an end. In what seemed like no time at all, it did come to an end. And now I'm totally free. Or at least I should be.

So it's been a little over three months now and I think I'm losing my mind. To be fair, things may have been different had I not dislocated my knee and been land locked to my room for a large chunk of that time, but I think I really am losing it. I wont lie, I've always been somewhat of a hermit, but I've grown a lot over the past few years into a very sociable person. Now that school is out, it's quite obvious what a factor in socializing school had become.

Everyone has their own lives, jobs, families, and relationships that will naturally "take up" most of their time. School, however, was one of those things that all but guaranteed you'd see those friends at least one time a week. It seems like the time just isn't there anymore these days. And believe me I'm not trying to place this on anyone else but life. Hell, with my working 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, finally sleeping in one my first free day (Saturday), and then going to Church (and all the related activities) Sunday, I don't exactly have time to make myself available to anyone else either.

[Interjection: This, of course, makes it incredibly hard to get back into dating too, but that's another story for another post]

Sure, so I miss school, but you know what the worst part is? I actually, and this is going to hurt me to say this, miss homework. That's right, I said it. I, Christopher Schnese, miss annoying assignments with even more annoying deadlines. Ok, let me digress just a bit. I don't miss all or any home work. I specifically miss assignments geared towards my Visual and Performing Arts major.

Basically, I am a creative mind trapped inside a little box with no outlet. This is the true reason why I'm going mad right now. My brain is flying at a million miles an hour and I just need something to do to keep it busy before it explodes. Back when I was in school, I was forced to utilize my creativity to actually create something. I had a professor to direct me, to give me a starting point, and to hold my feet to the fire. Right now I have nothing.

Today I just limped back and forth from my room to the kitchen holding my little Canon MiniDV Camcorder in my hands, desperately racking my brain for something to shoot and edit. I literally couldn't take it anymore. I desperately need footage, I need to be inside of Final Cut Pro, and I need to edit something. I have a little notebook full of video projects, but all of them need a crew, cast, and a fully flushed out script. I even have three television commercial spoofs that I'd like to do, but I can't shoot them in or around my house, so I'm sort of stuck with those too.

I just need some people who want to work on some projects. Even something simple. I just need something to realize my creative potential before I lost the potential to be creative.

posted by Christopher Schnese