The first night in my new house

As some of you may have noticed, I've been somewhat absent from "the internets" for the last few days. I've snuck on during a few chance moments, but for the most part I've been left without a connection. This is because for the last two days I've been slowly moving all my belongings to my new place. The move still isn't technically complete, but I have enough stuff moved that last night I spent my first night in my new home. Though I was born and raised within the same city for my entire 24 year life span, all my friends and both my jobs reside about 20 miles inland in a neighboring city. This generally equates to anywhere from a 20 to a 40 minute drive (depending on traffic) any time I want to do just about anything. So, in accordance with the natural progression of a child's life, I've moved out of my parents house.

The living situation is great. Being that I've moved in with friends and living in a house owned by one of their fathers, I have an amazing deal on the rent. Not to mention the obvious benefit of living with those friends. Before the move, we'd have to actually schedule time where we could get together and hang out, but now we can simply walk across the hall and plan things on the fly.

In addition to the advantages of living with and around these friends, I'm ridiculously close to where I work. I work two different jobs and the furthest one away is not more than a 5 minute drive. Before, I was consistently pulling a 30 minute drive to work and a 60 minute drive home every day. When you combine drives like this with the occasional long lunch break, you can easily push the average 8 hour day into a 10 hour ordeal. By the time you finally get home you don't even want to do anything. This new living situation will save me a few hours each day. Time that I can actually put towards starting up some sort of workout schedule (which I think I can do now that my knee seems to be well enough healed to handle the activity).

All in all, I'm pretty excited about the whole process. I'm sure you'll all be getting some more updates from me in the near future. Wish me luck everyone. I'm off to unpack all my clothes so I have something to wear to work.

posted by Christopher Schnese