And so, now begins the packing

It would appear that this is turning out to be a pretty big year for me. Not only did I finally graduate from college (after far too long of a wait), but in four days I'll be moving out of my parents house. And so, now begins the packing. For the last several years, my ever-growing accumulation of worldly objects has been built up, rearranged, and [dare I say] masterfully placed about my 9 by 9 foot room. Well, now that I'm moving out, I've got quite the task ahead of me. Those who've seen the inside of my room will corroborate, I have a strange knack for fitting a lot of stuff into a really small space. Lets just see if I can collapse my 9 by 9 foot into 12 economy storage boxes [and my car].

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get to it.

posted by Christopher Schnese