Amazon video game trade-in program

So I have a huge cache of legacy video games just sitting around collecting dust. Sure some of them are great games, but if I'm honest with myself I can see that I'm never going to play any of them ever again. To put it another way, these games have effectively become a trading card, serving little more purpose than to show that I own them. Well, in these troubled economic times (drink) it would be nice to magically turn the 'cache' into... well, 'cash'. Thankfully, Amazon has made this possible with their recently started video game trade-in program.

The program is simple. Head over to Amazon's trade-in page, search for and select the games you'd like to trade, print out your shipping label, ship your games to Amazon, and they'll send you a nice little Amazon gift card for your troubles. Now, the value of your games changes based on the relative newness and [I assume] popularity for that particular title, but in my case I'll be making about $120 for a small stack of old PS2, Gamecube, and Xbox games. Games that, as I already mentioned, are doing nothing but collect dust right now.

Now Obviously I'd make a lot more money if I just individually listed all the games myself and sold them for a little more money, but that would take work. That's just too much of a pain. I know that my games are probably worth more, but I'm never going to go through the trouble of selling them myself. So I'm sending them over to Amazon. And soon, for my minimal effort, I'll be $120 richer!

posted by Christopher Schnese